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Video Processing Company

Video processor
  • Consumer product – video processing chip, low power, low cost, high functionality
  • 65nm 5M gate ASIC plus 2M RAM
  • Integrate MIPI IP, route the ASIC, STA, custom RDL for QFN and WLP/flip-chip (packaging options)
  • Custom on-chip switching voltage regulator
  • Custom stacked ASIC/RAM/NVM chip-on-board
  • First silicon success

Wireless HDMI chip

Wireless HDMI chip
  • Wireless HDMI chip for broadcasting (and receiving) video streams.
  • Mixed signal ASIC – custom analog blocks combined with digital processing functions on-chip
  • Selected fab process to optimize performance and cost
  • First silicon success

SSD Controller

SSD controller
  • ADDMM (an iSine subsidiary) developed IP with Toshiba Japan
  • Multi-year program for a patented FLASH memory controller used in Solid State Disk Drives
  • Delivery of FPGA (used for system integration and early software development)
  • ASIC development for the SSD controller
  • Team of 12 engineers (h/w & s/w)

MEMS Joystick

MEMS joystick
  • Used a special process co-developed with X-Fab to include a MEMs technology for use as a pointing device
  • First silicon success

Ink-jet sprayer IC

  • Developed a custom process with Standard Microsystems Corporation (SMC)
  • First silicon success

ICs for pet products

Chip for electronic pet collar
  • Redesigned five ‘End-of-Life’ devices – no longer available from original supplier
  • Mixed signal ASICs – analog and digital functions on-chip
  • One design includes a 50MHz carrier 455KHz signal mixer block captured in 0.6m BiCMOS
  • Selected the fab process to optimize performance and cost
  • First silicon success on all 5 chips


Low noise amplifier
  • MEMS microphone bias generator and amplifier
  • Low noise audio amplifiers (5uV rms, <1% THD)
  • Audio 10-bit Class D DAC
  • power-line communication line driver