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Analog-to-Digital Converter Redesign (DSL Company)

  • Customer designed 13 bit 80 MSPS design
  • After 2 years, device had 8 bit accuracy
  • Consulted with the customer and modified the design and layout
  • Added substrate isolation, reduced cross-talk, improved matching, and improved device sizing
  • Achieved 13 bit accuracy within 4 months

Custom IC developed for RF-powered system

  • Generation 1 device was yielding very poorly and was difficult to assemble and program in system
  • The iSine team performed an analysis of the system requirements against the current design
    • iSine developed a detailed specification for the ASIC as a result of the analysis
    • New functionality added
    • ASIC was redesigned from the ground up after customer approval of specification
  • Chip has a very slender profile for embedding into a patient
  • Generation 2 product is currently being shipped

Wireless Consumer Product Company

  • Redesigned  five ‘End-of-Life’ devices from spec and silicon samples (no design databases available)
  • Mixed signal ASICs – analog and digital functions on-chip
  • Selected fab process to optimize performance and cost
  • First silicon success for all five designs

Cadence Layout Services

  • Customer was behind schedule on design and layout
  • Sensitive analog circuit for ADC of a MEMS signal
  • Worked at customer site and used Cadence Virtuoso Module Generator software
  • Finished layout, LVS and DRC on time
  • Subsequently worked with customer on a full redesign of the first chip

Mentor Layout Services

  • Customer did not have bandwidth or experience for backend design
  • High-current proportional integral differential (PID) control chip
  • Used Mentor Tanner software
  • Finished layout, LVS and DRC ahead of schedule