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iSine is your complete resource for ASIC design - from concept to manufacturing and testing. We have expertise in system architecture, VHDL, Verilog, gate arrays, mixed signal, full custom analog, digital, high-voltage and low-power designs. Applications include medical, military, lighting, networking and video.

We specialize in obsolete IC redesign and high-voltage analog combined with low-voltage digital on the same chip. As a fabless semiconductor company, iSine can help you select the correct process for your design so that you can meet your schedule, your specs, and your budget.

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Using Murphy's Model of Die Yield

Die Width: mm

Die Height: mm Yield: %
Scribe: mm Candidates (0 defects):
Wafer Diameter: mm

Edge Loss: mm Good Die per Wafer:
Defect Density :
(typically 0.01-0.2)
#/sq. cm

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