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LEDs that last twice as long for less money and in less space!

iSine's S006 LED ASIC driver will:

S006 Benefits

  • NO electrolytic capacitor or inductor - the number one cause of LED lamp failures!
  • NO external “Brick” required – components can be integrated on same board as LEDs
  • Slimmest profile, lightest weight
  • Extremely high power factor and low THD (0.99/15%)
  • Fully dimmable!
  • Distributed power losses allow for easy luminaire power scaling
  • In full-scale production

DIG10 Isolated 0-10V Dimming

  • Translated standard 10V dimming levels across high-voltage isolation to lamp ballast
  • No power supply on the dimmer side
  • Programmable zero and minimum dim setting
  • 30µA current consumption
  • Best 10V dim efficiency
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