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Make your LEDs last twice as long for less money and in less space!

iSine's S006 LED ASIC driver can double the typical lifetimes of LED lamps from 5 to 10 years by eliminating the bulky power supply unit in the luminaire. Bypassing the AC to DC conversion improves efficiency and the power factor. Fewer parts means lower costs and a smaller, thinner and lighter unit.

If you need 0-10V isolation, iSine's DIG10 Dim Chip converts 10V dim control to line-isolated PWM with no power supply on the dimmer side.

LED Ballast IC

-  eliminate electrolytic capacitors, doubling lamp lifetime
-  no need for a separate power supply!
-  smaller, thinner, and lighter luminaires
-  highest reliability solution available
-  lower BOM, lower cost
-  higher efficiency (>5% increase)
-  no AC to DC conversion losses
-  high power factor (increase from ~.8 to .99!)
-  THD improved from ~30% to <10%
-  lower thermal impact
-  linear power scaling
-  drivers in production assemblies

CFL Ballast IC

-  dimmable down to 10% brightness
-  better performance
-  only long life dimmable CFL solution
-  high efficiency
-  best dimmable ballast at non-dimmable cost

Electrolytic capacitors are the main cause of failures in LED and CFL bulbs. Calculate how soon your electrolytic cap will fail.

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