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Class III Medical System

iSine analyzed, documented and helped redesign a Class III Medical device system for a large company. The existing FPGA's were being discontinued, so the board and FPGA code needed to be redesigned using stringent FDA methodology.

  • FPGA changed from a Xilinx Spartan2 to Spartan6 array (due to EOL)
  • Redesigned PCB for new generation FPGA
    • New power sub-system created to support the core power requirements for the new FPGA
    • New generation memories
  • Original FPGA code was analyzed and documented.
    • Several bugs were found
  • All arithmetic functions (multipliers, adders, etc) were redesigned in the new fabric
  • RTL compiled and verified ensuring exact function & performance
  • Extensive testing was performed to ensure the new boards met strict FDA test requirements

Custom IC developed for RF-powered system

Medical IC Medical IC scale
  • Generation 1 device was yielding very poorly and was difficult to assemble and program in system
  • The iSine team performed an analysis of the system requirements against the current design
    • iSine developed a detailed specification for the ASIC as a result of the analysis
    • New functionality added
    • ASIC was redesigned from the ground up after customer approval of specification
  • Chip has a very slender profile for embedding into a patient
  • Generation 2 product is currently being shipped