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Anaren Microwave

Anaren parts

  • Redesigned ‘End-of-Life’ device for radar signal processing
  • Mixed signal ASIC – analog and digital functions on-chip
  • Selected fab process to optimize performance and cost
  • ITAR sourced
  • First silicon success

Mil/Aero Lifecycle Management

Anaren parts

Three ICs were designed to replace obsolete (End-of-Life) devices

  • Driver and Receiver chips were designed from specifications
  • The receiver was designed to withstand +/- 1KV lightening strike
  • EOL custom SRAM was designed to meet the performance and size requirements of the previous chip.
  • Fab chosen to optimize performance and cost
  • ITAR sourced

IR camera for Mil/Aero Company

IR Camera Stacked Die

This project was a multi-year effort comprised of reverse engineering existing VHDL/Verilog RTL, adding new functions and delivering an FPGA based software development platform, followed by an ASIC  and finally a 1” square PCB  with a 3-D die stack, incorporating the ASIC, FLASH, DRAM, IR sensor stack, plus Voltage regulators, interface and support circuitry.  The documentation was updated at the end of the project to meet Mil/Aero standards.

IR camera signal processing IC

  • Specifications were developed by iSine with input from Mil/Aero Co.
  • Architectural collaboration targeted minimum size and power, while meeting challenging system performance goals
  • Combination of reverse engineering incomplete existing core functions and new design for additional features
  • The design was created using primarily VHDL with some 3rd party Verilog RTL in a format that was targetable to both FPGA and ASIC
  • A full suite of production test vectors for ASIC were delivered.
  • The full suite of automated functional tests was provided.
  • FPGA Brassboard verification platform including integration with customer's system components for validating system function and performance
  • ASIC development using mixed VHDL/Verilog, IP core integration, verification, place & route, DRC, STA, test, release to IBM fab
  • Parts were verified in system by iSine & customer
  • First silicon success!

PCB design and development

  • Circuit assembly for minimum size (~1” on a side)
  • Prototype board developed to verify functionality and performance (large footprint ~6” on side - to allow ease of probing, and test)
  • Production board created following verification of the prototype board
  • 3-D die stacking of ASIC, FLASH, DDR RAM on one side, and IR sensor stack on the other side
  • 100 tested boards delivered for demonstration purposes and pre-production