Your Partner in Design and Manufacturing


iSine provides full turnkey services with multiple entry points.

Turnkey ASIC Service

  • Choose the most cost effective technology for your chip
  • Chip Design, FAB, Package, Test, and drop ship to your choice of destinations
  • Ship small, medium, or large volumes of product direct to your customers


  • CMOS, SOI, BiCMOS technologies are available from various suppliers
  • Domestic or overseas production facilities
  • The process node, from 1.0┬Ám to as low as 28nm, is chosen to lower costs and improve performance

Test and Packaging

  • Wire bonding, flip-chip, or die
  • Large standard package selection or custom package design and drawings
  • Test programs written, debugged, and implemented - domestic or offshore
  • Experience with both overseas and domestic companies


  • Orders placed with active supply chain management for on-time deliveries
  • Product tracking
  • Product cost reduction