Company Culture

The engineers at iSine have worked together for many years. As a small company, iSine doesn't have the bureaucracy or internal politics that can slow things down. We have years of experience designing and building integrated circuits, so we know how to create reliable chips in the most efficient way.


Jerry Zarin

"Thank you for the quality and timeliness of your performance. It has been refreshing working with you on this project. I look forward to working with you on future projects."

-Jerry Zarin, NuWave Technologies

Consumer Product Client

"iSine is a complete "one stop shop" for the design, development and supply of custom ASIC parts. They have the expertise to reverse engineer ASIC products directly from parts when design files are not available. They have the ability to manage the ASIC production processes when design files are available. They are excellent at overseeing the fabrication, packaging, and testing of products following development."

-Consumer Product Client, Principal Engineer

Supplier of Audio Devices

"iSine has alwasy been very competent, timely and reasonable cost. I appreciate that the IP created during the design is ours without strings."

-Supplier of Audio Devices, Chief Technologist for R&D Programs

Mil Aero Company

"iSine is well established as an ASIC design house and can also handle oversight of board manufacturing. They are also versed in flexible display.
iSine has the willingness to look into a very fluid situation without asking for an extravagant price tag. They have an extremely solid technical team that enables them to jump into said fluid situation and make sens of the chaos. They have the technical capability and willlingness to tackle a crazy problem."

-Mil Aero Company, Technology Development Manager

Supplier of Audio Devices

"They are a fabless mixed signal design expert with design experience using almost every mixed signal fab. They have analog and digital design experts that can bring any digital or analog ASIC to market.
They have the expertise to tackle almost every need. They had the correct team to convert parts of our software to hardware."

-Supplier of Audio Devices, System Architect

0ur Team

Jeff Remmers
President and CEO
Prior to joining iSine, Jeff was Global Account Manager at Magma Design Automation and founded Plexus Design Solutions. He is an avid bicyclist.
Louis J. Morales
Founder & CTO

Lou specializes in digital and analog circuit design and holds 5 patents in circuit design. He's also a great handyman. 

Randy M. Bonella
Chief Engineer

Randy is a 34 year veteran in the semiconductor industry (Intel, Compaq, SMC, Beehive). He is a great skiier and painter.

John Masterson
Director of Finance

John, a CPA since 1992, joined iSine as Director of Finance in 2000. John manages iSine's inventory of products and cash.

Lina Janavicius Morales
Digital Marketing and Physical Design Engineer

Lina has been doing physical design for iSine for 20 years and has taken over digital marketing in recent years. She likes to tinker in the garden.

Nikolay Gishin
Principal Engineer

Nikolay earned MS degree in Applied Physics. He specializes in designof analog building blocks for ASICs. He enjoys playing basketball and tennis.

Gary W. Stevens
Principal Engineer

Gary is an expert in VHDL, FPGAs, digital programming and systems design. Gary likes to brew beer.

Robert Gross
Senior Engineer

Bob is responsible for designing and manufacturing PC boards and applications engineering for iSine's lighting products. Bob loves English mastiffs.

Career Opportunities

There are no openings at this time, but please check back later