ACCEL Power Regulator

Choosing a Semiconductor Process

In order to maximize your return-on-investment for an IC development, the choice of fab process and fab partner are critical. The breadth of process costs and technologies has never been larger. This...

ACCEL Power Regulator

IC Lifecycle Management Steps

7 Steps to Take if your IC Part is Obsolete If the IC is still available, buy up safety stock as soon as possible! Save parts for the re-design process. Find out from the original manufacturer if...

die yield

Die Yield Calculator

Use this online calculator to figure out die yield using Murphy's model. You'll need to know the die size, wafer diameter, and defect density. iSine is your complete resource for ASIC...

die-size calculator

Die Size Calculator

Calculating the die size requires a knowledge of what processes will meet the electrical design specifications and production requirements while staying in budget. Information used in the calculation...


Electrolytic Cap Lifetime Calculator

Calculations based on "Reliability of CDE Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors" by Sam Parler, Jr., Cornell Dubilier ( iSine is your complete resource for ASIC design - from concept...


S006 LED Driver

The S006 provides high-performance LED lamp control and driver. High power factor, dimmablility, and safety features are included. iSine's S006 LED ASIC driver can increases the typical lifetimes of...


DIG10 LED Driver

The DIG10 converts 10v dim control to line-isolated PWM with no power supply on the dimmer side. Zero (cutoff) level and minimum dim level adjustments are programmable. DIG10 Benefits Translated...


Optimize ASIC Speed with the ACCEL Regulator

IC Power Management is easy with the ACCEL™ products. By managing the supply voltage, ACCEL products optimize the speed-power point, negating the effects of fast and slow silicon process points and...


ACCEL Sensor Embedded IP

The ACCEL™ Power Regulator uses the ACCEL™ Sensor IP block on the chip to modify operating voltage, which controls the speed and power of the chip.