MEMs Joystick

Consumer Electronics Company – MEMs Joystick The customer was looking to deliver a joystick for use on hand-held devices, including smartphones, game handheld controllers and other similar applications. The requirement was for ultra-low power, small size and integrated with the drive electronics on the same substrate. iSine designed a MEMs-based pointing device as additional masks […]

Video Processing ASIC

Video Processing ASIC The customer was a startup with a design for a graphics processor that needed no external memory. The technology was targeted to applications that required a small footprint – bezels in laptops, chromebooks and similar devices. The customer design team wrote the RTL and performed synthesis but did not have physical design […]

ASIC Design Services

ASIC Design Services Challenges ASIC design services were crucial for a small aerospace company that lacked the capacity and expertise for the backend design of a high-current proportional integral differential (PID) control chip intended for space applications. The company, facing limitations in both bandwidth and experience, sought assistance for the design process. Opting for the […]

ASIC Design Services

ASIC Design Services ASIC design services were crucial for a MEMS startup that faced delays in the design and layout of an analog-to-digital signal converter (ADC) for consumer electronics. The company designs and delivers MEMs based microphones. An iSine engineer was dedicated full-time and weekends on-site, utilizing Cadence Virtuoso Module Generator software for layout. The […]

Medical Device Manufacturer, Surgical Division

Medical Device Manufacturer, Surgical Division The customer, a medical device manufacturer with a surgical division, acquired a business in the early 2000s that specialized in women’s health ablation products. Over the subsequent 10 years post-acquisition and 15 years since the product’s introduction, the surgical instrument emerged as a significant profit generator, claiming the top position […]

Analog-to-Digital Converter

Analog-to-Digital Converter This digital communications company worked on the design of an 80 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for two years. Unfortunately, the initial design did not meet specifications, as the device suffered from poor layout, bad device matching, and limited accuracy to 8 bits due to noise issues. iSine engineers took charge of the project, […]

Bipolar ASIC Redesign

Bipolar ASIC Redesign Teradyne faced a critical challenge when they discovered they had less than a 7-month supply of a crucial bipolar ASIC chip used in one of their production testers. Despite having paid for a redesign by a large domestic semiconductor firm, the new design did not function properly in their system. Complicating matters, […]

IR Camera Signal Processing ASIC

IR Camera Signal Processing ASIC The group at this mil-aero company won a DARPA contract to miniaturize an IR camera that would interface with an Android phone for display. While the design team had experience with IR cameras in military applications, they had previously used FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) for the processing engine. Due […]