End of Life Redesign for Home Backup Power System

End of Life Redesign for Home Backup Power System The customer was using a PLC (Power Line Control) chip in their system for communication between the Solar Panels, Inverter, Control Panel and Lithium Ion Batteries in the backup system. The supplier ceased production in that process node and the customer had a limited supply of […]

HDMI Video Processor

HDMI Video Processor A video processing startup required a robust solution for wirelessly transmitting high-density HDMI signals at high speeds, minimizing signal loss. To address this challenge, iSine developed a mixed-signal ASIC featuring a custom 20-channel Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) for high-speed communication. The chosen semiconductor fabrication process played a crucial role in optimizing both performance and […]

Pet Product ASIC

Pet Product ASIC – Invisible Fence This pet product company worked with iSine to develop five ASICs used in their next generation Invisble Fence product line. iSine engineers worked with the customer to develop specifications for the five devices to meet system requirements. iSine engineers selected semiconductor process technologies to meet the reliability and cost […]

Medical Device Company – Wireless Back Stimulator ASIC

Medical Device Company – Wireless Back Stimulator ASIC The company had a first version of the wireless back stimulator chip, but it was sensitive to environmental conditions (voltage and temperature variations) and yielded poorly. There was an incomplete specification for the first device and the design database was not available. The assembly for the device […]

Radar Signal Processing ASIC

Radar Signal Processing ASIC The Mil/Aero Company had developed an IC for precision movement and alignment of radars. The original design was fabricated in an older technology that was no longer available. iSine had performed the original design ten years prior and the development tools that were used for the first design were no longer […]