ASIC Design Services

ASIC Design Services Challenges ASIC design services were crucial for a small aerospace company that lacked the capacity and expertise for the backend design of a high-current proportional integral differential (PID) control chip intended for space applications. The company, facing limitations in both bandwidth and experience, sought assistance for the design process. Opting for the […]

Radar Signal Processing ASIC

Radar Signal Processing ASIC The Mil/Aero Company had developed an IC for precision movement and alignment of radars. The original design was fabricated in an older technology that was no longer available. iSine had performed the original design ten years prior and the development tools that were used for the first design were no longer […]

IR Camera Signal Processing ASIC

IR Camera Signal Processing ASIC The group at this mil-aero company won a DARPA contract to miniaturize an IR camera that would interface with an Android phone for display. While the design team had experience with IR cameras in military applications, they had previously used FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) for the processing engine. Due […]