Aerospace Lifecycle Management ASICs

Aerospace lifecycle management in ASICs involves navigating complex challenges, especially when transitioning from one supplier to another. In this particular case, the customer faced a critical situation when their previous chip supplier ceased production, necessitating a shift to a new solution for populating their ARINC modules. The challenge lay not only in understanding the requirements for the devices but also in dealing with unknown details of the implementation. Additionally, the stringent ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) registration for facilities added another layer of complexity due to packaging requirements. The customer had the requirement to package multiple designs in a single package, so the ASICs needed to be supplied as tested die (no package).

To address these challenges, iSine engineers collaborated closely with the customer. iSine engineers reviewed the design goals and developed a new specifications for the ASICs. The design specification underwent thorough review and was accepted by the customer. Special attention was given to ensuring the ASIC’s resilience to environmental conditions, leading to its development in a mature semiconductor process node with known excellent yield.

The design phase involved a combination of SPICE modeling for analog sections and VHDL for digital sections. iSine performed the circuit design, physical design, design verification and release to semiconductor fab. iSine provided tested wafers to the customer who assembled the devices into their custom packages.

The design databases were delivered along with the parts, and have been used by the customer for a family of devices that required minor modifications.