ASIC Design Services


ASIC design services were crucial for a small aerospace company that lacked the capacity and expertise for the backend design of a high-current proportional integral differential (PID) control chip intended for space applications. The company, facing limitations in both bandwidth and experience, sought assistance for the design process.

Opting for the customer’s preferred Mentor Tanner software, iSine’s engineers took charge of the entire design, including layout, performing essential tasks such as layout versus schematic (LVS) checks and design rule checks (DRC).

Leveraging iSine’s extensive experience in analog chips, the team was able to identify and rectify errors in the customer’s initial design, ensuring a more robust and reliable final product. Remarkably, the collaborative effort resulted in the completion of the design ahead of schedule, demonstrating the efficiency and expertise of iSine’s design services.

The successful collaboration between iSine and this aerospace company not only fulfilled the specific requirements of the aerospace application but also showcased the importance of specialized design services in meeting tight deadlines and ensuring a high-quality end product.