Fabless ASIC for EVLA Radio Telescope

For the Enhanced Very Large Array (EVLA) radio telescope, a fabless Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) was essential to derive a signal from large amplitude noise in the autocorrelator chip. The consortium managing the EVLA telescope had budget constraints, and iSine was tasked with designing the chip. Another challenge was the low power requirement (the radio telescope was in a remote location) and long term reliability requirements.

The solution for both the low power and reliability requirements was to incorporate iSine’s patented ACCEL power regulator. iSine engineers implemented the ACCEL Power Regulator to regulate the operating voltage, significantly increasing the correlator chip’s lifetime.

The ASIC, designed using 0.13µm semiconductor technology, featured a 672-pin 4M gate and underwent testing and production by iSine, achieving first silicon success. The correlator ASIC is currently in use in the EVLA radio telescope in New Mexico under fabless production.