HDMI Video Processor

A video processing startup required a robust solution for wirelessly transmitting high-density HDMI signals at high speeds, minimizing signal loss.

To address this challenge, iSine developed a mixed-signal ASIC featuring a custom 20-channel Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) for high-speed communication. The chosen semiconductor fabrication process played a crucial role in optimizing both performance and cost. Specifically, iSine engineers selected the TSMC 0.13µm process node.

This innovative approach enabled the wireless transfer of HDMI signals, providing a seamless and efficient solution for high-density video processing. The custom ASIC’s 20-channel SerDes played a pivotal role in achieving the desired high-speed communication, ensuring minimal signal loss during the wireless transmission of HD video content. Additionally, the strategic choice of the TSMC 0.13µm design not only facilitated optimal performance but also contributed to cost-effectiveness in the production of the chip.

The successful implementation in first silicon demonstrated the viability of the chosen design and fabrication approach for meeting the startup’s requirements in the realm of video processing.