Consumer Electronics Company – MEMs Joystick

The customer was looking to deliver a joystick for use on hand-held devices, including smartphones, game handheld controllers and other similar applications. The requirement was for ultra-low power, small size and integrated with the drive electronics on the same substrate.

iSine designed a MEMs-based pointing device as additional masks and steps on an existing process node at X-Fab. The MEMs device would sense movement in 2 axis, and provide an electrical signal that would be interpreted by the controller electronics. The MEMs device was implemented on a standard process node at X-Fab to allow for some sensing and amplification of the signal on the same substrate.

The first samples met the requirements specified by the customer. It functioned as required and was introduced to their customer base and was well received. The design has been in mass production for years. The customer was happy with the results and has been a repeat customer.