Radar Signal Processing ASIC

The Mil/Aero Company had developed an IC for precision movement and alignment of radars. The original design was fabricated in an older technology that was no longer available. iSine had performed the original design ten years prior and the development tools that were used for the first design were no longer available. The devices needed to be manufactured, packaged and tested on-shore by ITAR registered suppliers. Testing across multiple temperature ranges was needed and the testing was required to comply with MIL-STD 38353 Class Q.

iSine engineers used the original design database to develop a complete specification for the replacement chip. The specification was reviewed and confirmed with the customer. The new design was captured in current software and analysis was performed in industry-standard SPICE simulations. The new devices were fabricated and delivered following Mil-standard methods. The ASIC was integrated in X-Fab’s 0.6 technology. iSine selected suppliers that held ITAR registration and the testing and handling contractor met the MIL-STD requirements.

The ASIC met all of the goals as defined in the specifications and was successful in meeting the customer requirements. It is shipping in volume and in use by the end customer. It met both the schedule and cost goals set forth by the customer at the start of the project.