iSine's LED and CFL Drivers Double Lighting Lifetimes

iSine’s ASIC drivers can double the typical lifetimes of LED and CFL lamps by eliminating the bulky power supply unit in the luminaire.

S006 LED Driver

iSine’s S006 LED ASIC driver can increases the typical lifetimes of LED lamps from 5 to 10 years by eliminating the electrolytic capacitor (the number one cause of LED lamp failures). Bypassing the AC to DC conversion improves efficiency and the power factor. Fewer parts means lower costs. Eliminating the bulky power supply unit ensures a smaller, thinner and lighter unit.

S006 Benefits

  • NO electrolytic capacitor or inductor - the number one cause of LED lamp failures!
  • NO external “Brick” required - components can be integrated on same board as LEDs
  • Lower BOM, lower cost
  • Slimmest profile, lightest weight
  • >5% higher efficiency
  • Extremely high power factor and low THD (0.99/15%)
  • Fully dimmable!
  • Distributed power losses allow for easy luminaire power scaling
  • In full-scale production

DIG10 Isolated 0-10V Dimming

iSine’s DIG10 converts 10V dim control to line-isolated PWM with no power supply on the dimmer. Zero (cutoff) level and minimum dim level adjustments are programmable.

DIG10 Benefits

  • Translated standard 10V dimming levels across high-voltage isolation to lamp ballast
  • No power supply on the dimmer side
  • Programmable zero and minimum dim setting
  • 30µA current consumption
  • Best 10V dim efficiency

L001/L001ND CFL Driver

iSine’s digital ballast ICs (L001 Dimmable and L001ND Non-dimmable) merge high-tech digital process technology with high-voltage drivers delivering ultra-low cost with advanced circuit performance.  The L001 ICs uses line voltage and allows dimming using household triac dimmers. We also have the in-house expertise to design the custom IC you need for your CFL lighting product.

L001/L001ND Benefits

  • Eliminate many discrete components from your design and decrease the size of your ballast and your cost.
  • iSine's ballasts eliminate power cycling as a source of failure in normal use. With iSine’s ballast your lamps may be switched on and off like incandescents!
  • iSine's cooler components and failed bulb detection reduce discoloration, overheating, and early lamp failure.
  • Excellent lamp to lamp matching and efficacy without binning
  • Luminance independent of line voltage; better than incandescent!
  • Better than 90% conversion efficiency; >70 lumen/watt efficacy achievable
  • Smooth dimming down to 10% without filament stress

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