Improve your medical products using custom integrated circuits

iSine has expertise in medical product development

iSine can develop or upgrade your medical device creating proper design documentation leading to a regulatory compliant product. We can design prototype boards with FPGAs and discrete devices to validate system design. We can redesign products that to meet system requirements. iSine can choose a process that will not break the budget and help plan production, packaging and testing.

iSine has expertise in product lifecycle management

iSine can help analyze and redesign Class III medical device systems. We have extensive experience redesigning ICs in newer processes if some of your parts are reaching their end of life. We can analyze existing FPGA code to generate documents, find bugs, and upgrade FPGAs while remaining in compliance with regulations.

Custom integrated circuits enhance medical devices by allowing:

  • ultra-low power
  • improved performance
  • small size
  • elimination of discrete devices
  • improved reliability
  • protects your product from pirate copies

Ready To Get Started?

iSine will work with you to finish your ASIC on schedule, under budget and right the first time.