Engagement Model

iSine has flexible engagement models which include full turnkey (specification development to assembly & test), ASIC design services with a gds handoff, supply chain management (fab, package, assembly & test), or any combination to meet your needs.


iSine has the IC architectural and design knowledge and expertise to simplify your prototypes or existing designs to reduce costs and make a better product. We can take your design from concept to finished product, giving you a turnkey, tested and packaged device.

We have a flexible engagement model for customers to work with us at all or several stages of the design:

  • Design specification
  • Chip architecture design
  • FPGA analysis and conversion
  • RTL or VHDL conversion
  • Analog cell design
  • Layout & verification
  • Test scan insertion & timing analysis
  • Fabrication & production
  • Package & test
  • Supply chain management

We are also experts at redesigning obsolete ICs into new processes for IC lifecycle management.

ASIC Design Process Flow

Design Specification

iSine can work with the customer to develop a robust design specification to ensure that the final product will do what is required. If needed we can design FPGA prototypes prior to ASIC commitment.

Process Selection

As a fabless semiconducto design house, we select the best process that balances speed, performance and cost. We work with XFab, TSMC, Global Foundries, Vanguard, SMIC, Dalsa Teledyne, Polar Semiconductor and TowerJazz.

Mixed-signal Design

iSine’s engineers will do any combination of architectural, RTL, and gate design needed for the chip. Matlab, Mathematica and Python are used for code translation to VHDL or Verilog. We do logic synthesis, DFT and scan insertion. Timing is evaluated for multi-corner process variations.

Analog Design

High voltage and low noise designs require special consideration for successful implementation of the design. We use Silvaco SmartSpice for analog circuit simulation.

Physical Design

iSine uses Silvaco’s Expert and Guardian tools for custom analog layout and DRC and LVS. Larger designs use Mentor’s Calibre tools.


iSine will complete the tapeout paperwork and help select the most cost-effective mask choice: single level, multi-level or multi-product mask sets. iSine can submit the gds for manufacturing, or the gds can be cusomer-owned.

Packaging and Test

iSine will help select the bonding type and packaging most suitable for the chip’s use and price point. We will develop a test specification and test programs and custom load boards, if needed.

Supply Chain Management

iSine can handle production orders for on-time deliveries with product tracking and direct shipments to the customer.

IC Lifecycle Management

iSine has the expertise to re-design an IC product that is at the end of its life and can no longer be purchased. We specialize in analog and mixed signal applications, but we can also create the RTL, place and route, manufacture and test fully digital designs. We will use the process that works best for your chip.

  • Start from spec, schematic, or IC samples
  • Choose most compatible and cost-effective process
  • Use CMOS, BiCMOS, or BiPolar processes
  • Evaluate existing design
  • Simulate critical circuits and device matching
  • Simulate, layout, DRC and LVS of final design
  • Develop test
  • Evaluate test results
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