L001ND CFL Driver

The L001ND provides high-performance CFL ballast control and driver functions (patent pending). Soft start, integrated FET drivers, safety features and digital lamp current control are included.

iSine's non-dimming CFL digital ballast ICs merge high-tech digital process technology with high-voltage drivers delivering ultra-low cost with advanced circuit performance.  We also have the in-house expertise to design the custom IC you need for your CFL lighting product.

L001ND Benefits

  • Eliminate many discrete components from your design and decrease the size of your ballast and your cost.
  • iSine’s ballasts eliminate power cycling as a source of failure in normal use. With iSine’s ballast your lamps may be switched on and off like incandescents!
  • iSine’s cooler components and failed bulb detection reduce discoloration, overheating, and early lamp failure.
  • Excellent lamp to lamp matching and efficacy without binning
  • Luminance independent of line voltage; better than incandescent!
  • Better than 90% conversion efficiency; >70 lumen/watt efficacy achievable

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