S006 LED Driver

The S006 provides high-performance LED lamp control and driver. High power factor, dimmablility, and safety features are included.

iSine’s S006 LED ASIC driver can increases the typical lifetimes of LED lamps from 5 to 10 years by eliminating the electrolytic capacitor (the number one cause of LED lamp failures). Bypassing the AC to DC conversion improves efficiency and the power factor. Fewer parts means lower costs. Eliminating the bulky power supply unit ensures a smaller, thinner and lighter unit.

S006 Benefits

  • NO electrolytic capacitor or inductor - the number one cause of LED lamp failures!
  • NO external “Brick” required - components can be integrated on same board as LEDs
  • Lower BOM, lower cost
  • Slimmest profile, lightest weight >5% higher efficiency
  • Extremely high power factor and low THD (0.99/15%)
  • Fully dimmable!
  • Distributed power losses allow for easy luminaire power scaling
  • In full-scale production

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