Custom Analog and Digital ASIC Design

iSine provides solutions that are on time and within budget. The combination of latest design methodologies with manufacturing expertise provides the foundation for our solutions in design services, fabless semiconductor production and standard product devices. The unique expertise in high voltage analog and low voltage digital design on the same IC is one of many reasons customers choose iSine. Industries served include Medical, Mil/Aero, Industrial and Consumer.

iSine does ASIC development from spec to production ICs, specializing in

  • mixed signal
  • analog
  • high voltage analog with low voltage logic on same chip
  • ultra-low power, low noise and low voltage chips

iSine’s staff has broad system level design backgrounds in

  • communication
  • memory subsystems
  • microprocessor design

System level expertise in

  • medical devices
  • military and aerospace
  • communications
  • graphics and video
  • microprocessor subsystems
  • memory management
  • lighting
  • industrial control

iSine has IC process expertise, with engineers from physics and IC process development backgrounds

Layout Services

  • Block level or complete chip
  • Layout, LVS and DRC
  • Analog expertise: matching, ohmic drops, symmetry, spacing
  • Layout experience with
    • Silvaco Expert
    • ICED
    • Cadence Virtuoso
    • Tanner L-Edit

iSine is ITAR registered.


iSine has expertise in designing and debugging FPGAs.

  • Migrate EOL FPGAs to newer FPGA family with board redesign
  • FPGA development expertise in both Altera and Xilinx
  • Prototype for "proof of concept" before ASIC development
  • FPGA platform allows software debug in parallel with ASIC design
  • Incorporate 3rd party or in-house IP along with customer specific RTL

IC Lifecycle Management

iSine has the expertise to re-design an IC product that is at the end of its life and can no longer be purchased. We specialize in analog and mixed signal applications, but we can also create the RTL, place and route, manufacture and test fully digital designs. We will use the process that works best for your chip.

  • Start from spec, schematic, or IC samples
  • Choose most compatible and cost-effective process
  • Use CMOS, BiCMOS, or BiPolar processes
  • Evaluate existing design
  • Simulate critical circuits and device matching
  • Simulate, layout, DRC and LVS of final design
  • Develop test
  • Evaluate test results

System Architecture

We take a systems approach to all our architecture definition whether it is for an IP Block for a component, a full component, a sub-assembly or a full system. Understanding the environment in which the design is targeted provides opportunity for optimizations and enhanced robustness. We have a long history of designing IP Blocks, ASIC/FPGA components, sub-assemblies and full  systems in digital, mixed signal, analog, high voltage and mixed voltage areas.

  • High level language code translation to VHDL or Verilog: Mathematica, Matlab, Python
  • IP Blocks for ASIC/FPGA: VHDL or Verilog solutions
  • FPGA controllers: VHDL or Verilog solutions
  • ASIC controllers: VHDL, Verilog or custom designed solutions
  • SOC solutions: Embedded microprocessors, mixed signal
  • Sub-assemblies: Custom packaged solutions or hybrid assemblies
  • Custom Load Boards: For testers

Printed Circuit Board Design and Manufacturing

iSine can design and manufacture your PCB’s with extremely fast turnaround.

  • Design, development, and manufacture
  • Fast turn design and prototyping
  • Circuit design & PCB layout
  • Focus on turnkey development and manufacture of short run, high tech boards

iSine can design and build what you need, from prototype to production

  • FR4 and Exotics
  • Fine Line, 3 mil pitch, 3 mil space
  • 3 mil Laser Via, 6 mill drill, Buried Vias, Via in Pad
  • Die Stack COB
  • Advanced Heat Sinking:  Copper Coin, MCPCB, Thermal Connectors
  • Advanced POL
  • Flip Chip and Glop Top
  • High Density Interposer design and fabrication
  • 1-52 layers
  • Through Hole and SMT down to 01005
  • ITAR

Ready To Get Started?

iSine will work with you to finish your ASIC on schedule, under budget and right the first time.